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Georgette Star,  Maiden Spirit™ Program Founder

Raised in an atmosphere of holistic health, I began my spirit journey as a youth, with the help of my parents. Eventually my search evolved into the study of East and Western spiritual traditions, Native American pathways, goddess spirituality traditions, western psychology, and numerous alternative healing art forms. My explorations have been enriched through world travel in Europe, India, Nepal and Mexico. Creative self-expression has been a golden thread of integration and joy. I received my BA in Psychology and Women's Studies from Humboldt State University, my MA in Creation Spirituality is from the Naropa Institute and my D. Min. from the University of Creation Spirituality. I bring two decades of life experience as healer/teacher to my heart-work with Maiden Spirit. Now a grandmother, I have a passion for Creation and igniting the beauty, genius, and creative spark in others.


Wise Women Mentors

Pamela Wirth, CPCC

My training background: Coaches Training Institute, Feminine Power Coaching and Leadership, Institute For Circlework.

Being a Maiden Spirit mentor for young girls is a privilege, a dream come true and a deep soul's calling. My life's journey and experience has guided me firmly towards this path of investing with hands, mind and heart in the future through our children. As a transformative life coach, I rejoice in seeing the girls in my circles embark on their life's journey as empowered, radiant young women who know who they are. As a mother of a girl, I've come to embrace the task of conscious parenting as a significant evolutionary contribution to our world. This makes my heart sing!

Tracey Heartsun

My name is Tracey Heartsun, I am certified as a Professional Life Coach and Maiden Spirit facilitator. I’m a graduate of the Life Blessing Institute. I bring inspiration and enthusiasm into my work with women and girls, through co-facilitation of Let’s Talk About It workshops, retreats, support groups, Maiden Spirit circles and girls rites-of-passage.

My mission is to be an inspirational change agent for individuals desiring greater self-awareness and freedom to express authentic power. I’m an active supporter in the recovery of the Sacred Feminine. I currently facilitate Maiden Spirit circles in the Milwaukie and Portland, Oregon area.

Melissa Shaw

I came to The Life Blessing Institute and Wise Woman Inspired Leadership Program in order to cultivate the inspired leader within me. I had a knowing that this work would enable me to make a meaningful contribution in the world. My past experience as a massage therapist helped me define that my way in the world is the way of the Cosmic Mother. The training in Wise Woman Inspired Leadership has helped me to refine my role as a cosmic mother into a passion to help others help themselves and become inspired leaders. I currently assist Georgette with the Maiden Spirit teachers training.

Jodie Korbin

Did you ever wish you had a fairy godmother? I know I did, and now I find myself in that role!

It is a joy and a privilege for me to help empower girls as a certified Maiden Spirit facilitator. I am called to provide girls with experiences that connect them with their intrinsic value and inner wisdom. This is especially important in a culture that exposes them to destructive images and ideas about themselves as girls growing into women. As each girl reclaims her true inner beauty and the beauty of the sacred feminine, the hope is that balance can be restored in the soul of humanity as well. As we empower girls, we transform our world!

As the mother of a Maiden Spirit daughter, I have witnessed the power of this program’s girl-affirming experiences on the blossoming of my own daughter. I enjoy incorporating the spiritual lessons of Maiden Spirit with laughter, art, and exploration of how to apply inner knowledge in everyday life. It is an honor to behold the wisdom girls discover within themselves, and a joy to witness how this wisdom enriches their lives.

Dr. Jennifer Brusewitz

My inspiration to participate in this work comes from a background in creating support and community for women throughout my life. I am a naturopathic doctor who works primarily with women, helping them heal through education and self-empowerment. I am also a mother with a deep appreciation of the precious and innate wisdom of my young daughter. To participate in the cultivation of a girl's sense of spirit and self-esteem is a profound honor, which can in turn provide a deep healing for our world. It is a gift to work with the girls in Maiden Spirit, and journey with them in their exploration of the unique and sacred ways of the feminine.

Dr. Liz Wallace

My goal is to teach women and girls that honoring their spirit is as normal as eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After receiving my doctoral degree as a Naturopathic doctor and Acupuncturist, I furthered my skills connecting women with the root of their bodies, their pelvic bowl. Using bodywork and energetic tools, women reclaim their feminine body and spirit. This work is so inspiring, I want to reach women early on their life journey, so they can walk their path with an awakened, new potential for authentic creativity. Maiden Spirit creates a safe, nourishing and fun space for girls to gather and explore a new education, the learning of self and community. As a facilitator, I bring my passion of movement and energetic medicine (BS in modern dance and Biology from University of Oregon, Pilates instructor and special dynamics training), to guide, teach and learn with the girls. I sleep better at night knowing that my two daughters will have the wisdom and support to transform into womanhood through Maiden Spirit.

Michelle Baumann

Supporting and empowering children is truly a deep calling for me. I have been a teacher of young children in different capacities (teaching Art, Spanish, Elementary and Preschool classes, Yoga) for over 20 years. I have an Elementary teaching credential with an emphasis on Multicultural education. I also bring a background and interest in Earth based spirituality. I' m a massage therapist, teacher of yoga for kids, mother of two and Maiden Spirit mentor. Within all of these endeavors I wish to support an individual's connection with self, the Earth and Spirit. I especially enjoy creating experiences for children in nature in order for them to glean the wisdom and peace offered there. It is my heartfelt honor to support the girls in Maiden Spirit at this precious time in their lives, so that they may fully embody their authentic selves, moving forward in life with joy, connection and appreciation of self and their inner wisdom.

Kellie Raydon-Feeney

I have been inspired by the strength and spirit of women since I was a girl. As the youngest of five sisters, I was surrounded by powerful feminine energy, and knew I wanted to pass on the best parts of sisterhood to young girls everywhere. On my personal journey to become a healer, I earned a BS in Women’s Studies while completing my pre-medical education at the University of Oregon. Currently I am earning a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

I am passionate about cultivating a community to support women and girls on their healing journeys and creative life pursuits. By preparing girls to make a conscious rite of passage through puberty, I believe we are bringing forth a healthier generation of women. I feel blessed and honored to do this spiritual work with girls. I believe that helping them to see the truth about who they are and nurturing their inner light is some of the most powerful medicine in the world.

Cealila Christine Kosonen

I’m passionate about creating sacred space in which women and girls can express their highest selves and pursue their unique paths in the world. I bring a depth of cross-cultural learning to our circles and a profound respect for the wisdom of the Earth. Since receiving by BA in Anthropology and Music from Dartmouth College in 1998, I have deepened my study of world cultures and spiritual expressions by extensive traveling and apprenticeship in Europe, the Americas, and Asia and by living in Peru, Brasil, Morocco, and Spain. I have a passion for integrating song, dance, and art into the girls’ activities to engage all of our senses and to have fun! My background as a birth educator, doula, and massage therapist provides me with the skills to create safe environments where women and girls can remember and activate the wisdom within them. Encouraging girls to discover, refine, and trust deeply in their own unique creative power during a conscious rite of passage into womanhood is my great honor and joy!

Elizabeth Frakes

My name is Elizabeth Frakes, and it has been my great honor to be a part of Life Blessing Institute and Wise Women Inspired Leadership working with girls. As a mother of three, including a daughter, I have experienced first hand the beautiful blossoming from girl to young women and the influence of a community committed to the sacredness of sisterhood. The time I have spent leading Spirit circles has been filled with the great joy of cultivating the creative power and inner wisdom budding within every girl. I have a deep devotion to the Sacred Feminine, and am dedicated to supporting women everywhere by empowering our daughters to realize their unique gifts, true beauty and special place in our world.

I am located in Southwest Washington and work as spiritual practitioner holding space for those who are waking up to greater self awareness and transitioning spiritually.

Dana Krete

I am sincerely honored to have the opportunity to help empower girls and transform our world! I completed my BSc, studying psychology, biology and sociology as a scholarship athlete in 2000.

Since completing my undergraduate degree I have worked as a personal trainer at an all women’s gym, coached girl’s volleyball teams and camps, and worked as crew on a catamaran while training for, and competing in triathlons. My passion for women’s health reaches beyond the physical, into the realms of the mental, emotional and spiritual, and so currently I am a student working on a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Masters in Chinese Medicine at NCNM in Portland, Oregon.

I want for girls to feel good about being girls, and women to feel good about being women. I hope for all girls and women to truly know themselves, trust their intuition and inner guidance, to think critically about the media and to have unlimited self-esteem. I want women and girls to have their voices heard and realize their full potential. I believe that through the cooperative and supportive community of women that Maiden Spirit provides we can accomplish all of this and more. I see the role of this program and community as providing spiritual preventative medicine that can be passed on for generations to come. Oregon area.

Jeanette Pilak

I am a solution oriented management consultant with 15 years of experience helping firms, individuals and organizations through root cause analysis and bridging the gap between creativity and values-based leadership. I conduct training programs, workshops, leadership development programs for individuals, teams and groups of all ages.

I’ve dedicated myself to my own transformational journey with the intention of aligning my personality with my soul, my words with my heart and my actions with my calling – a journey of full commitment to growth and transformation as a learning partner. My intention is to mentor young women of all ages, to bring to them learning opportunities to help them define their own life’s purpose.

I graduated from the Leadership Development program of the Life Blessing Institute and am a certified Maiden Spirit Circle facilitator working in Beaverton, Oregon. I find this work rewarding and fulfilling. I describe myself as a “learning partner”, for I take away as much learning from the wisdom of the girls as I do in bringing my own research, knowledge, and experience to each session.



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