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A Holistic Exploration of Girls' Menarche Rite-of-Passage

Held within a safe and sacred environment, mothers and daughters are invited to learn more about menarche, the journey of metamorphosis from girl to blossoming young woman. This journey not only includes preparation for, and a girl's first menstruation, but also her journey through puberty. During this workshop Mom's and daughters, ages 9-13, will learn about the seven sacred rites of menarche and a girls journey from the safe cocoon of her parent's world into a world of her own.

We will share wisdom and knowledge about topics such as:

* Physical changes, emotional implications, and spiritual impact of this transformation journey
* Our female bodies and sexuality as sacred
* The fertility/creativity cycle
* How to understand and support each other through the changes

Come revel in the glorious magic of a young girl's budding womanhood. Through art, meditation, music, ritual, and lots of fun we will learn to honor and nurture her spirit through this incredible metamorphosis.

For information regarding upcoming workshop dates and logistics please contact:
The Life Blessing Institute / Maiden Spiritâ„¢
18250 S. Clark Ln.
Oregon City, OR. 97045
Phone: (503) 631-3906
Email: info@maidenspirit.com

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