Girl’s Poetry

Maiden Spirit Poetry

A collection of poetry created by mothers and daughters, individuals and groups within the Maiden Spirit community. Many of the poems were inspired by the words 'the goddess in me' and 'true beauty.'

True beauty is not something you buy in a store
Those girls in magazines just want you to have more
Not everyone knows that true beauty is inside
Your true beauty is not something you can possibly hide
No matter what culture, what haircut, what clothes,
Just always remember:
Your true beauty shows
~ Sofia

My True Beauty
I love and care for myself
Because I know I am made up of true beauty.
I have eternal self-respect
For myself and others truly.
I give to myself, as well as to others,
The unconditional love they need.
By doing this
I'm spreading around
The true beauty seed.
~ Isabella

Beauty is like a flower on a nice sunny morning in spring when petals are opening up and showing
the true colors and intentions.
Beauty is like a tree ripening with fruit to share with those around it.
The seeds being spread, the flesh being shared, and most of all, the idea of giving.
Beauty is when you show what you feel on the inside, and share your compassion, loving heart,
and your helpful hands with others.
~ Lily

The Universe in Me
Nothing to something
Small to great
Something of nothing
Never dying
Always just changing
Uncertain, but joyously
Always making more
Never just sitting there
Just of one song
~ Lily

True beauty is within me and everyone.
True beauty is the understanding of your inner self.
Who knew that were true?

My True Beauty
Comes from within
Is how I am inside
Is like a radiant light shining through
Is always there

Is the way I am and am meant to be.
There is no changing me.

My true beauty comes from my creative imagination
Is the unconditional love radiating
From my heart to everyone in the world
Is the feelings I have inside
Is my mental and spiritual uniqueness

Is like a spring rain
I shower all I see with acceptance,
Gratitude, and most importantly,
~ Cloe

My True Beauty
Comes from my heart and my intentions
Is shining through all the time
Is the radiance of that which surrounds me and teaches me
My heart has opened to show my true beauty
My true beauty is represented by my life, work, and soul

Is giving, given, and is shown to those who wish to receive it

Is like a flower in the desert and yet like a blade of grass in the lawn
Is shining through with every step I take and every thought I think
Is very colorful

My body is like a labyrinth
With a rose in the center.

That is my beauty.
~ Lily

The Goddess
Tell me, O muse of great Artemis
Who from birth wished only for freedom
The child who ran free in the nature
Tending to animals and birds
She always spoke up for her rights
The goddess of all living creatures
She whose skill is unbeatable
When she aims with her bow and arrows
Artemis, Goddess of Hunt,
The Goddess of all living creatures
~Isabella, 11

As you look to find your way
Recall your source
Recall your beginning
Untouched by the outer voices and images
that have claimed your soul
Release them one by one, carefully, lovingly.

Tenderly awaken yourself to your true essence
The goddess you truly are
Direct your bow and arrow, aim it to your goal.
Find your one true savior,
Find the peace within.
Hunt your protector of your life,
Hut it to the will
As you wonder home,
To the comfort of your house.
~ Rachel, Age 9, with Katie, her mom

The light and warmth of her touch
can be found in every maiden
lighting her path over bumpy rough roads
or gliding over smooth silky ways.

The light is sometimes dim
and other times it explodes,
But it is always there shining within
and is always a reminder of our strength and possibilities.
~ Kerrianne, Age 9, with Heika, her mom

But we have to let it shine through.
Even though you may not believe it,
It’s always there, in me and you.
You can notice it by the love you show,
Or maybe your beautiful smile.
It’s always in you,
Though at times it may seem
Like it left for a while
~ Cloe, 11

You must open your heart and let her in.
Use her guidance and ask for her aid,
If you do, then world-wide peace could be made.

Her presence will make you feel great warmth.

giving loving
always helpful and kind
rebirth consistent
~ Isabella, 11

The seasons change as does feminine power,
The moon, the seasons, and feminine life are all related.
The vibrancy, the changes and the radiance are all alike.
As the different seasons pass,
So do the seasons within you!
As the moon changes cycles,
So do you!
As the goddess is powerful,
You are the same!
~ Lily, 11

Feel the unique goddess within you
Admire her great radiance
The goddess within you is very powerful
She will help you grow up
Admire your goddess…..
Feel the goddess within you,
Her great radiance flowing through you.
~Molly, 11

The goddess in me longs to be free,
with the animals out in the world.
I would feel peaceful out there
with the animals;
in a jungle, a forest, or anywhere.
It would be peaceful and happy
out there with the animals.
~ Sarah, 11

Loving, helpful
Kind, strong, Happy
Loving , Helpful
~ Sofia, 11

You are completely unique,
There are no other yous!
No one else smiles your smiles,
No one else fills your shoes.
There is no substitute for you –
Not a copy or clone.
You shine with a style of your own!
~ Molly, 11

True Beauty is you
True Beauty is me

True Beauty is everything to me
True beauty is like waves crashing through the sea
True Beauty is the goddess’ of the world
True Beauty is me

A Poem for the Season
Maiden Spirit Girls 2009

Spring is here, the goddess changes her gowns

Spring is the new beginning season

The spring air smells so fresh and clean. Baby birds sing from their nests. It sounds just like spring!

Rain makes the flowers grow.

April showers bring May flowers

Spring brings bright flowers

Flowers make the world look nice in the spring

Spring is a new start. Spring is beautiful and spring is a new life.

Spring spring spring is here!

The Goddess within me
Is a Goddess of light and wisdom.
She is a still, tranquil presence.
The voice of courage and compassion.
She is the fierce, passionate warrior
Who protects me, guides me,
Calls me forth
Reminding me of who I really am.
~Rosalind and Karen

The Goddess in me is powerful.
She is peaceful and understanding.
She is filled with love and life.
She is forgiving and undemanding.
The Goddess in me is kind and gentle.
She gives her love and shares her knowledge
And knows the truest meaning of wealth.
~Jaya and Keya

The desire to be kind.
The wanting to be free.
I hear the Goddess in me.
The longing to express the breadth of creativity
I hear the Goddess in me.
I love the animals,
and the grass and trees.
I hear the Goddess in me.
~Emma and Alisson

The Goddess within Me wears many faces
And brings me many gifts.

My Goddess is Fire.
She brings me Understanding, Finding, Moving, Learning, and Gaining:
She brings me Flexibility, Forgiveness, Sensuality, Playfulness, and Delight.

My Goddess is Air
She brings me Readiness, Leadership, Reaching Forward, Blossoming, and Joy;
She brings me Clarity, Harmony, Far-seeing, Spirituality, and Simplicity.

My Goddess is Earth.
She brings me Groundedness, Calmness, Acceptance, Love, and Power;
She brings me Balance, Intentionality, Certainty, Strength, and Boundaries.
The Goddess within me is my Daughter.
The Goddess within me is my Mother;
The Goddess within me is all Women.
Those who have come before me,
Those who will come after me and
Those who are with me
~Katie and Susan

The goddess in me is wild and free with sunlit wavy hair.
She hides herself in the shapes of Nature to get away from other things.
The goddess in me emerges in the morning light to encourage the birds to sing and the flowers to open.
The goddess in me will always love me and everything around her.
~Anna and Nancy

The Goddess
I am the Goddess, wild and free, wanting only to be me.
I honor my body as perfect and whole.
I am filled with love down to my soul.
I am a Goddess, I belong to myself.
Loving myself keeps me in good health.
~Taylor and Elizabeth

The goddess in me is very special.
She lives in the forest.
She gives me guidance.
~Emily and Melinda

The Goddess is beauty,
Beauty all around me
Beauty inside me
The Goddess is the truth
Truth that guides me
Truth that follows me
The Goddess is guidance
Guidance that leads me
Guidance that helps me
The Goddess is wisdom
Wisdom that shows me the way.
The Goddess lives inside of me
And everything I see.

The goddess in me loves to be out in any garden space.
The goddess in me likes to be in the woods, to be with the rebirth of spring,
loves animals and trees.
The goddess in me is filled with love of those around us all,
likes to be free.
~Joie and Carla Bassham

Inside me is a Goddess,
Her strength I never lack,
And sometimes if you look inside,
You’ll see her looking back.
Right now she’s only guidance,
A light that’s shining through,
But someday I’ll be her myself,
And start my world anew.

The goddess in me is loving and has a sense of self that is unflappable.
From the trees blossoming, to the cat on my bed
All things of Nature our in my heart.
I feel like I can fly through my heart to the hearts of others
And flow with God’s way of being.
My Goddess gets stronger when I help others.
When I can’t decide, my goddess helps me.
The goddess within helps me ask questions and provides wonder.
My goddess helps me understand animals and listen to their song.
~ Julia and Patsy

As you look to find your way
Recall your source
Recall your beginning
Untouched by the outer voices and images
That have claimed your soul
Release them one by one, carefully, lovingly.
Tenderly awaken yourself to your true essence
The goddess you truly are
Direct your bow and arrow, aim it to your goal.
Find your one true savior,
Find the peace within.
Hunt your protector of your life,
Hut it to the will
As you wonder home,
to the comfort of your house.

The Goddess In Me
The light and warmth of her touch
can be found in every maiden
lighting her path over bumpy rough roads
or gliding over smooth silky ways.
The light is sometimes dim
and other times it explodes,
But it is always there shining within
and is always a reminder of our strength and possibilities.

The Goddess In Me (group poem)
Is sometimes joyful, sometimes full of sorrow.
The goddess in me stands strong in her power.
The goddess in me is a great, wise, beautiful beam of light
Who is always there when I need her.
The goddess in my is like a butterfly with the moon on her wings.
The goddess in my is like a blooming rose, an oak branching out into the universe.
She is the wind in the canyon, always running, always free.
The goddess in me shows radiating strength.
The goddess in me is like a rushing river.
~The Chocolate Chicks

The Goddess In Me (group poem)
The goddess in me is like a bubbling spring.
The goddess in me is like a rose, soft and sweet.
She is like the morning, full of hope and like the sunset full of forgiveness.
The goddess in me is a flower blooming into a red shining rose, blowing in the slightest breeze.
She is like an Indian from the planes.
The goddess in me is air and water.
She is like a flower blooming, wild and free, long sunlit wavy hair.
The goddess in me is like a star in the sky of a blossoming flower.
~The M&M's

First Moon Ceremony
I would like to have my ceremony at the beach. I would go with my mom and take a long walk along the beach in our bear feet.
Then, that night we would build a fire and I would walk around it 14 times.
Then I would sit next to my mom and I would throw all my wishes into the fire so they would go upward.
We would then go inside and cook my favorite meal.
For a gift, I would like a ying and yang necklace.
I want to share this day with my mom.

A Goddess is peeping out through your ears,
Her scent is slipping out through your nose,
Her wisdom is coming out through your mouth,
Her friendly glare is showing through your eyes.
There’s a Goddess in you, I can tell
Your Goddess is showing all over you
She has rubbed off more beauty to add to your face,
But still you look to your Goddess for advice.
There’s a Goddess in you, I can tell.

I feel the power within me,
The power to become a magnificent and
Benevolent queen that will be
the power itself.

The Goddess in me is active
The Goddess in me is truthful
The Goddess in me is mine and
She loves catnip.

Distant stars
Enter yourself
Sip your cup of life

Wise Woman Within
Hard, leathery, wrinkly, suntanned skin
Short, curly, white, white hair.
Purple robes, long walking stick.
Coming out of a small farm.
Her message, “I love you forever”
Her offering to me: a dove.

The Goddess in me is like a horse, big gentle.
And if you’re sad, like a horse, she will absorb all your sadness
And make you feel happy.
I like Pele
I went to see her crater…..It’s big!
There is a mystery in me.

The Goddess in me is active.
The Goddess in me is fun.
The Goddess in me likes nail polish,
And I’m not the only one.

There is a Goddess in me and I know she’s there
My life and my love would not be there without her.
Guiding me through my life she protects and blesses me.
She’s strong and powerful and I get my power from her.

The goddess of everything symbolizes spirituality of women.
Her flowing hair has no color, but instead
has all colors.
Her spirit can change shape, depending on her
Her eyes are like the stars, glowing to
clear the dark.
Her one earring is the moon, always there
Her dress is made of flowers,
feminine of course.
The goddess of everything has everything.
Spirituality of women
Flowing hair with all colors
A spirit with changing shape
Eyes like stars
A moon earring
A dress of flowers
And of course, everything, including peace.

O’Aphrodite, give me the courage to stand up to men.
O’ Artemis, help me with my birth.
O’ Athena, give me wisdom to seek my heart.
With the courage, I shall stand up to men.
With the help, I may have a child.
And with the wisdom, I may seek my heart.
Thanks to Aphrodite, Artemis and Athena

Springtime, Lovely Springtime
When Eostara throws her precious grace
Over the countryside,
Persephone returns,
No longer will she hide.

It’s springtime, lovely springtime!

When Demeter gives her joy
In energy to grow
The waving of a blooming daffodil
In the light, breezy blow

It’s springtime, lovely springtime!

When I look up at the wide blue sky
Sunshine on my face,
My bare toes in my soft green lawn,
(that’s their favorite springtime place)

It’s springtime, lovely springtime!

When the land is swept over with warmth
To raise the plants and trees,
I venture out into the meadow
Just to feel the breeze

It’s springtime, lovely springtime!

Now here I am, with my loved ones,
Listening to the robins sing
Nothing could ever replace
The joy and spirit of spring

Oh, it’s springtime, lovely springtime!

The Goddess In You and Me
She is so full of power and joy.
She loves the world.
She is our grandmother, our guardian, our helper.
She is our Mother Nature.
The goddess in me lives in a tree singing her heart away!
And then she asks me to stay with her to talk and play with her.
I will learn from the goddess in the tree.
The goddess in all of us is filled with radiant bright light and love.
The goddess in you and me is as beautiful as the sea.
When there is the goddess in you and me, we are one,
and we are wiser.
The Goddess in you and me is like an apple tree.
~Laney, Kori, Zoe, Autumn, Keyesa, Michelle, Georgette and Tracey

Girl Power
I’m standing tall
I’m living proud.
I have confidence and bravery.
I’m glad to be me.
I’ve got freedom to speak my mind.
I have to be true to myself and find
My way in life
I have my own heart, soul, and mind,
And no one can take it away, no, no one can take it away.


I stand and walk on the planet called Earth.
The animals around me are quiet and peaceful.
My heart is overflowing with everlasting love.
My spirit is running free, like the holy spirit.
The chances we take for great rewards,
Are nothing, compared to God's love.
We live and we die, We walk and we crawl,
But most of all....
The world is of many waters and lands,
The sun and moon are like Kings and Queens,
The mountain top Pierces through the heavens.
And even if
God's life is of unknown Birth,
I stand and I walk on the planet called Earth.

Protects and nurtures her young.
Has taught me that I AM SHE and that is enough.
Is shy, kind, and beautiful
My fire, my water, my peace, my anger.
Wants to heal the planet.
Loves the wise woman in you.
Loves horses.
Asks to keep her power and find inner peace.
Loves everything in sight and heals everything and never hurts.
Is confidant but confused, is happy but sad and mad. She’s still trying to find me.
Tells me what to be without getting a make over.
Is young and free.
Respects Nature and all her blessings.
Listens to her heart.
Has a rat, a horse, and a cat.
Teaches people about love and passion.
Looks to be free and known.
Speaks through my intuition.
Knows how to say NO, gracefully and make choices that truly nourish me.
Is loving, learning, living.
Is bright like the moon.
Stays in the present moment, and loves herself.
Is being reborn and revitalized, never to be lost again!
Tries to respect all others.
Is creative, very imaginative and loving.
Knows love and how to release it to the world.
Makes me more tender as I grow.
Remembers to breathe and live with love and compassion in my actions.
Is fun.
Loves to get her energy out.
Represents power.
Guides me always.
Is like my sister.
Is a fiery goddess and a mellow cat.
Lets me know that I am loved.
I feel the Power within me.
She is strong and wise and good.
She is finding her voice.
~A collaborative poem written by all the mothers and daughters who attended our Maiden Spirit

June 5th 2005 Celebration

The Goddess in me is like a cloud soft and fluffy,
She has the scent of a candle and the heart of a teddy bear,
The goddess in me loves new things and is not afraid of changes,
She is like a portrait; she can be whoever she wants to be,
The goddess in me can do anything!!!!!!!!

Artemis, goddess of the woodlands and the hunt
independent by her craft, graceful and just.
Sing and dance in the moonlight.
Let your feet urn free through the forest,
Let your soul soar with her silver arrows.
Forever guard your maiden spirit.
~Selena and Daniela

From the Beauty of the Deep Green Forest,
bubbling brook and shining waters,
let the Goddess arise within me.
Her loving arms surround and protect,
guiding my heart.
I will listen to her wisdom
That is in us all.
~Laura and Rebecca

As I nourish the goddess within me,
through stories and art expression,
I will reveal my inner beauty
in the way I walk, talk, and live.
Life’s radiant light will shine through me
wherever I may go.
My strength and beauty will always grow.
~Nicole and Sheila

Once when there was one tree, once
when there was one sky,
once when there was one field,
once when there was one road,
there was my goddess.
Her hair was fiery red.
She was like a bird flying, a
Cat jumping, a wave rolling back out
To sea, and the stone so silently waiting
she is ALL!
~Megan and her mother

I live inside a Goddess.
A Goddess lives inside me,
I have a Goddess within,
I have a Goddess without.
The Goddess in me, is as big and strong as me,
The Goddess outside me, is as free as me.
I am the Goddess, the Goddess is me.
Goddess Me is strong and free.
~Aszha and Renee

The Butterfly
The butterfly spreads her wings and flies
to flower, to flower drinking nectar.
One day she comes to a
Place that no butterfly has gone before.
But there were a lot of flowers.
So, she makes her self at HOME !!!
~Laura, Tricia and James

The Night Sky
The moon is shining, glowing,
Glittering, dancing, Mother moon

The stars are dancing, flying,
Playing, sister star, brother star

The planets glowing from within,
They speak to the moon
And she speaks back

Combining together to make the night sky

Here I stand with my happiness, my
joy, my trust, my care.
Here I stand with my faith, my
hope, and my love.
Here I stand.

Real beauty is like a rainbow. It only glows when the sun shines through the water.
It is like a caterpillar, if it doesn’t eat, it won’t reveal its beauty.
It is like ivy, untamable, on its own path doing only what it wants, not what the gardener does.
It is like a blank canvas, with nothing applied to it, it looks like a beautiful snowstorm.
It is like an empty space on a calendar, wondering what to do next.
Beauty can be like a strawberry, sour on the outside but like a candy on the inside, like a

truffle, bitter on the outside, yet sweet beneath it.
Real beauty is what matters!

Horseback riding is my true beauty.
Being myself is my true beauty.
I am powerful.
My horse spirit is powerful.
My true self is my powerful horse spirit.
My love is powerful to my true beauty.

My heart is like a heart-shaped stone found along the creek.
It shows how solid I am.
Standing up for what I believe in.
Like a stone my body is strong, fit, and healthy.
I have a sweet spirit a creative mind and I make people laugh.
Everything about me is beautiful.

The true beauty in me is like an ember that can never be put out.
The true beauty in me is an ember and it will never leave me!
Hunting spirit with warm light pure and clean.

True Beauty
My true beauty is like waves crashing against the shore in a raging storm:
courage and bravery.
My true beauty is like the wind on a summer day and a small creek trickling into the distance:
soft and gentle, care and kindness.
My true beauty is like tree’s roots holding hands with the earth and a tree’s branches reaching

up to hug the sky: love and friendship.
I am what I am.
I intend to always be what and who I am.
Affirmation: I like my body just the way it is. I intend to like it always.

My true beauty is strength.
My true beauty is activity.
My true beauty is kindness.
Wherever I am, wherever I go.
My true beauty is here, I know.
My true beauty is love.

The true beauty in me is like a puppy, sweet and gentle, yet so playful, or like a kitten, so adventurous, so energetic.
The one thing that really brings out my true beauty is the beauty of the earth so natural it doesn’t need a garden to show its true beauty, like women don’t need plastic surgery to be beautiful.
For we all have true beauty.

The true beauty in me is like a cat, nimble, but sometimes curious. Sometimes I get angry, sometimes I am gentle, I am playful and sometimes (lazy), sometimes boring, sometimes energetic, laid back and wanting to be known!!!!

True beauty is in the inside not the outside.
My true beauty comes from playing with my friends, being out in the world, and being with my mom.

My True Beauty
The true beauty in me is as big as the sea.
It does not twist or turn
Kill or churn.
The true beauty in me isn’t because of Botox or plastics
P.S. or elastic.
The true beauty in me is...

My true beauty is not outside
Not in the way I look
It’s way down deep in my heart and soul.
In every cranny and nook
I’m glad to have my body
My gladness never shook.
I will not use the stereotypes
Of how women and girls should look.

I am as a tree,
My outer bark has been eaten away
By bugs that all look different.
And inside,
As you reach my inner bark,
A new and beautiful woman shines through
My beauty is true.
At a shopping mall,
There are many sizes.
They don’t matter.
They are only numbers.
I have my own sizes.
My beauty is true.

What is beauty?
Who are they to say
You must look and act a certain way?

That’s not what I believe.
That’s not the truth.
You narrow minded media folk

Your kind of beauty lies only skin deep
There are words of wisdom
That speak stronger than you
Beauty is in they eyes of the beholder
It looks different on each
For we are not and should not be the same

I’m learning about my gifts
And the beauty within me
My carefree nature
My compassionate, caring heart
Strength and stability
I too can see within me
My love of life and laughter too
And utter joy of being so free
What is beauty?
Listen... to what we say!

My True beauty holds the sun within
My True beauty is uncontrollable
My True beauty moves among the mountains
And sweeps through the moonlit sky
And shines upon the earth like the mornings dew,
I bless my body and the beauty it shines through
From me to you

An open mind
A gentle way
A loving word
A warm smile
A patient thought
A grateful heart
Come what may

True beauty is an opinion.
Everything has true beauty.
If we look at the positive things,
There are different kinds of beauty
And each one is unique.
If everyone had the same beauty
What a boring world it would be.
It’s good that everyone is different, beautiful and free.

The goddess in me is like fire, water, earth, and air.
She is kind, loving, gentle.
She loves plants and animals,
She loves all creation.
She is forgiving and grateful and selfless.
She is empowering and great.

The goddess in me is like the ocean flowing,
And like the plants as they grow up.
The goddess in me is as gentle as a bunny,
But also like a bull in its strongness.
The goddess in me is very sunny,
Like the billowing clouds in the sky.
The goddess in me is like a pink sunset
With gentle hues of gold.
The goddess in me is full of peace
And willing to show that she will become a woman some day,
Like an opening flower

Flying on the back of a magical cat, black as midnight
Gently she strokes its magnificent wings
With black flowing hair and bluish white clothes
She watches all cats while they are sleeping
She’s gentle and kind, spunky and pretty
She glows like the sun and moon

The goddess in me is like the night sky,
She shines in the light of the moon,
She symbolizes magical rest.
The energy she sends me is flowing like a river through me, down through the Earth, down to the center of the Earth.
Her owl flies to me and lands on my shoulder.
My goddess whispers something that I cannot understand and the owl flies up through the temple to the night sky.
The owl comes back and lands on her shoulder.
He gives her a star that she presses into my soul then she floats up into the moon. As I walk back, her owl lands on my shoulder.

She strolls like a giraffe
In the African breeze,
Licks leaves
She feeds her young.

Sipping water
She rules the earth.
Even lions fear her.

Looking at the Goddess, we see
A woman
Dark, brown hair
Flowing like the river of life
Light, gold and purple,
Radiating the goddess within

Talking with the Goddess, we hear
That no matter what happens,
There is hope
That you are always cared for
Even when no one can be seen

We feel from the Goddess
Powerful like an Evergreen
~Amoreena and Juniper

I am like fire, in the night I am the moon.
I am balance as in the yin yang.
I am creative as in the egg.
I am the maiden and will be the crone.
I am all the animals in the forest.
All that is the goddess, I am glad to be.

A woman of Power,
And Light.
A speaker of heart
And soul.
A woman of beauty
On the inside and out.

A lily
A snap dragon
A sunflower
A bluebell
A tiger
A wolf
A rabbit
A cardinal
Blue orange
Red white

Violet green
The world
Everything’s part of me
~ Sienna

Joy and light sooo bright,
I am a goddess my strength shines bright.
I hope you see happiness in me,
I am creation, life, soul, blessing!
The goddess in me is like a powerful girl,
An eternal journey for me and you.
Blessings to mother earth and the goddesses in real life.

A God Who Looks Like Me
As you look to find your way
Recall your source,
Recall your beginning,
Untouched by the outer voices and images
That have climbed your soul.
Release them one by one, carefully, lovingly.

Tenderly awaken yourself to your true essence,
The goddess you truly are.
Direct your bow and arrow, aim it to your goal.
Find your one true savior,
Find the peace within.
Hunt your protector of life,
Hunt it to the will
As you wander home
To the comfort of your house.
~Rachel and Katie

She Believes in Me
Reaches out to embrace me
With absolute love, an emerald green
And placid stream, a shimmering dark mirror.

Reaches inside me
With glowing red-gold intensity.
Her iridescent waterfalls
And desert sand patterns spell out
The sound of Her bells ring
In the distance,
Wake me from a confusing dream.

Washes my face
With her own spit
And I am cleansed
From centuries
Of karmic suffering.

Stares intently into my mind
Upsetting my little thoughts, causing
A rockslide
A new discovery
Of what I may become.


This revelation
Launches a thousand ships in my heart,
Initiates migrations of butterflies.
A million seeds germinate
Because my mother loves me.

The Wise Woman Within (group poem)
The Wise Woman within has eyes like sapphire
My Wise Woman has a face like the earth.
She is... a drama goddess!!
My Wise Woman has a soul like
The middle of the earth.
My goddess is so fun and like heaven,
I love her for that!
She is... a wild lady
My Wise Woman has a big gray castle.
She is like Artemis the great goddess,
But gentle too.
She rides a horse, Uvume.
My goddess makes the world seem brighter,
Through the goodness of love.

The Goddess is beauty
Beauty all around me
Beauty inside me
The Goddess is the truth
Truth that guides me
Truth that follows me
The Goddess is guidance
Guidance that leads me
Guidance that helps me
The goddess is wisdom
Wisdom that shows me the way.
The Goddess lives inside of me
And everything I see.

Maiden Voyage
The path is long
Surprises lie ahead. A world of opportunities,
Joy, sorrow, and wonder await.
Enjoy the journey, for your reign of power
Is just beginning!
Long wavy black hair,
My grandmothers,
My mother’s face,
Kind and soothing,
My own eyes; brown and beautiful.
She, the goddess, is my past, present, and future.
~Geneva and Lisa

The Goddess Within
The goddess’ hair is sepia brown,
It blows in the wind when she walks.
The goddess’ eyes are the color of a Manatee,
They are strong and kind.
The goddess’ skin is the color of a ripe peach,
It feels soft as silk.
Her dress is the color of a mountain meadow,
Which flows to the rhythm of her promenade.
But best of all, her heart is kind and true
Like a mother’s love for her child dear.
~Io Kutner

Flowing around problems
As if they were rocks. I’ll be a stream with water
So clear, moving, changing, sometimes resting,
Happy and free.
~Carlie Schaad

Clever, wise, brave, strong, friendly, goddess.
Sharing the secrets of new beginning.
Beautiful yellow flying hair, a blue dress flying behind her
In the wind.
Happily dancing on top of a hill,
With bright colored daffodils and rose colored tulips.
Shows me life and tells me not to be afraid.
Changing vibrations and moving energy.
~Jessica Wasco

To know that our menstrual period is a cleansing and sacred time.
It’s a time of beauty and of self care.
A time to go within, to nurture, and transform in the body, heart, and soul.
It represents the gift of creation that a woman is given to be by God.
The blood is not a curse – it’s a gift,
That washes through us, cleansing, and clearing to make the way for the next egg and possible creation of life.
~Raina’s mom, From Milwaukie group.


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