The feminine principle in nature is essential to our understanding of healing and of becoming whole. If we are to heal ourselves and our mother earth, we must reclaim that part of humanity represented by the feminine principle and integrate it so that we might become fully human and therefore whole.
- From the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients - Jan 2000

Maiden Spirit program founder Georgette Star's mother, Grandmother Shirley, offers a message for youth of the world.

Grandmother Shirley's Blessing for Boys and Girls of the World.

SHINE: An Inspiring Music Video Created by Maiden Spirit Girls
A message of empowerment from girls to girls everywhere, even the girl within!
The girls in this video developed 'Shine', with the loving support of their mentors, during their 3rd year in the youth program MAIDEN SPIRIT (TM).

All three clips below are from interviews for a film project, now in development with Georgette Star, founder of Maiden Spirit, to bring ancient wisdom about the value of the feminine to modern times. The project is tentatively titled, Wise Moon Rising. See the project web site.

About Maiden Spirit

Origins of the Maiden Spirit Program

Parents Talk About Maiden Spirit

This project is now in post-production in collaboration with Oregon-based filmmaker, John Jordan-Cascade. More about John's business, Cascade Creative Productions.


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